Yin No More

Yin No More

I am as I am

No pretense no illusion

I have loved no one more than thee, do you know that?

My hearts unfaltering devotion to you and only you

Speaks louder than any convoluted words of love

Drawn to you I am

Like a moth to a hot bright light bulb

Our love burns me

My heart is the citadel of angst

Wounds to my soul…for it is destructive, potentially explosive

Suffer I must it seems for sins yet to be realized, sins unknown

I have no bargaining chip, no hidden weapon, no will to fight again

Just a lonely broken shadow existing in a parallel world of pain,

Aching for hope long gone,

My dreams gone awry

But like a torrent stream flowing in the wrong direction

Not loving or being loved by you is aberrant

Not seeing you touching you is inhumane

I am Yin, you are Yang

From us a balance flows without one the other lives not

I let go of you finally with my blessing

For I am your Yin no more

You are my Yang no more

For I tire of this incessant pain

My heart is yours no more, our bond is slain

From the words of an old nostalgic song

It ends tonight

All the pain…I close the chapter called you

All the hurt…in a tidy little box you go

For it ends tonight…

10 thoughts on “Yin No More” by Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

  1. This is very lyrical, like the words of a song. I like it a lot especially the release in the last lines.

  2. it’s haunting!

  3. I usually have a short attention span when reading poems, If nothing sparks curiosity in the first two lines I quit, your first line grabbed me by the neck and I read the whole thing. It was lovely and not too complex like most poems.

  4. beautiful poem, you are talented at what you do

  5. “My heart is yours no more, our bond is slain”

    That was a powerful line. You could feel for the persona… Like a weight had been lifted. This was very evocative. Well done. :)

  6. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    Thank You for the comments…this poem holds a special significance to me…i’m glad you liked it so much

  7. You write from your soul. That’s the greatest gift any writer’d wish for. You’re really talented. A perfect poem.

  8. I dont know why i suddenly decided to read this today but i’m sure glad i did. This is so powerful. It grabbed me and refused to let go. I could feel the pain and determination and hope and the ‘rightness’ of that decision to let go in the poem.
    You are so good with words and expressions. This is one really great poem. Double thumbs up!

  9. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    @ Lade and Jaywriter…thanks a lot!

  10. A poem that expresses a pain…but more importantly a need to move on in spite of…
    Puts in my mind that song ‘it will take time…I know..but I’ll get over you’…

    Nice one Meena.

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