The nightmare came that night.

She saw herself entering the cavernous building. She knew there were people there, waiting, watching. But she could see only him. He was also waiting for her.

She felt the paralyzing fear sweep over her, rendering her immobile. He turned his head, saw her and smiled. The knowing smile sent an overwhelming wave of panic searing through her.

He took a step towards her and the thought of him reaching her broke the hold that rendered her immobile and she turned to run. To flee! But something was weighing her down. There was a dead weight on her finger. Something there was constricting her.

She looked down. It was a gold band. A wedding ring. As she watched, it tightened even more around her finger. Choking off the flow of blood in her body. She struggled to move, to run, to breathe. But it was a fruitless struggle. She was doomed!

She raised up defeated eyes to his handsome face as he reached her. He stretched out his hands and gripped hers tightly.

Somewhere in her mind, she heard a click and understood at that moment she was lost! It was over. He had won.

The room swirled all around her and she felt him dragging her down. Deep down!

She could not struggle. Could not even summon the strength to want to. The darkness closed over her. In the distance she could hear the sound of the faceless crowd as they swarmed over her. Following her into the darkness like vultures. Each one pushing to take a bite.

She opened her mouth to take in the darkness. Hoping that would hasten her descent into nothingness. But even that was denied her.

Something pushed up from inside her, up through her throat and out her mouth. To her horror, she realized it was a hand. A small hand. She looked down and saw it was all over her body. Tiny hands, feet, legs, heads thrusting out from every opening; some poking through flesh to get out. Her body arched and jerked spasmodically as she was stretched and torn from inside.

And through it all, he kept on smiling down at her as his minions destroyed her alive. She closed her eyes to block out that smile and felt his warm breath as he leaned close to her. Afraid of what he was about to do, she snapped her eyes open and jerked awake in bed.

She jumped off the bed in one leap and dived for the lights. When the room was bright and the visible shadows had been banished, she braced herself against the door and panted, the fear still churning in her.

She knew what had caused the nightmare to resurface after all these years. And she knew what had to be done to get rid of it. It was time to move on once again. Time for another identity, another city, another life. With a population of more than 150million people spread over thirty states, this is a large enough country to get lost in.

As she began to pack, she thought of him and felt a flash of anger, he was the cause of the nightmare. The reason she had to leave the life she had built here.

Everything had been going so well but he couldn’t just let things be.

He had to ruin it. He had to propose!


Weird? I know. Especially for a contest with a fresh start theme. So weird i dont know what genre to label it except fiction and short story. What can i say? My mind works upside down sometimes . . . . . . . most times!

But to be fair, my character is off to a wedLOCK-free fresh start, isnt she? Lol.

22 thoughts on “wedLOCK” by Lade (@Lade-A)

  1. Profile photo of Myne
    Myne (@Myne): Wordsmith - 37838 pts

    Now this is scary, lol. I hope I do not have nightmares similar to hers abeg. But it was an understandable one, only we don’t know why she is having them in the first place.

  2. Profile photo of Amurawaiye Adeyinka
    Amurawaiye Adeyinka (@adeyinkacu): Junior Writer - 4668 pts

    She is so scared of marriage commitments, thats visible at the end of the story.

  3. Profile photo of abby
    abby (@abby): Junior Writer - 3730 pts

    Yes Adeyinka, still something must have set off that fear. This particular one is just another one in a series of pack-and-runs. The very first marriage (proposal) sure has a lot to tell us.

    Lade: Over to you!

    Myne: Scary right? I feel you. Was wondering what Lade was trying to do; shock us all out of our skins? A pretty vivid description. Geez Lade. Good job!

  4. Profile photo of Lade
    Lade (@Lade-A): Scribe - 15722 pts

    Lol, abby. The truth about this story is that it had a lot of ME projected into it. I wrote this when someone asked me why i dont want to get married.
    Reading it afterwards was an eye opener. It revealed deep seated phobias i had about marriage. And there simply was no obvious reason why i should feel that way.
    Thankfully, im all good about marriage now (i hope) lol.

    1. Profile photo of abby
      abby (@abby): Junior Writer - 3730 pts

      Yeah, we hope so too. lol

  5. Profile photo of Anderson Paul
    Anderson Paul (@Anderson-paul): Senior Scribe - 25995 pts

    looks like she is scared of being committed.nice story Lade.

  6. Profile photo of Lade
    Lade (@Lade-A): Scribe - 15722 pts

    “looks like she is scared of being committed”?! Paul, what an understatement, lol. Thanks

  7. Profile photo of Mercy Ilevbare
    Mercy Ilevbare (@efearue): Junior Writer - 3358 pts

    And I read on the day your commitment phobia is laid to rest..Congrats! Lade you are finally getting married!! This was one scary piece though…

  8. Profile photo of gretel
    gretel (@gretel): Junior Writer - 2945 pts

    Yeah you’ve laid all that to rest today,I wish you the best,sis.

  9. Profile photo of prettysand
    prettysand (@prettysand): Newbie - 0 pts

    scared of marriage? scared of commitment? which ever, whatever, it goes to show a side of all humans, we run when we sense danger or things we are scared of.

  10. Profile photo of prettysand
    prettysand (@prettysand): Newbie - 0 pts

    love ur write up girl.

  11. Profile photo of Ellie
    Ellie (@elly): Scribe - 10124 pts

    hmmmm Lade, long time no read your post, even though this is not recent- it reads like yours. Nice one, glad it was not about you though.

  12. Profile photo of Lade
    Lade (@Lade-A): Scribe - 15722 pts

    Real long time, Elly. And yes, thank its not about me – i did’nt run! Lol.

  13. Profile photo of Raymond
    Raymond (@raymond): Head Wordsmith - 51372 pts

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! This made me laugh oh. Nice one Ladida Lade.

  14. Profile photo of irenecarew-bako
    irenecarew-bako (@irenecarewbako): Writer - 6672 pts

    I could identify with this so completely…fantastic story Lade. I felt like you for a long time, then went ahead and did it, and now Im not so sure I should have! Anyway, Im glad you are over your phobia, but tread softly all the same! Well done. ”Marriage o ni baje o!”

    1. Profile photo of Lade
      Lade (@Lade-A): Scribe - 15722 pts

      Ami o!
      I’m glad i finally took the plunge and now i’m wondering why i didn’t take it much earlier, lol.
      You made the right choice, Irene, that i know.

  15. Profile photo of adams
    adams (@coshincozor): Scribe - 14533 pts

    oddity! i should call it. i love it keep it up

  16. Profile photo of Lade
    Lade (@Lade-A): Scribe - 15722 pts

    Thanks, Raymond and Adams. Just the crazy in me

  17. Profile photo of Seun-Odukoya
    Seun-Odukoya (@Seun-Odukoya): Head Wordsmith - 109473 pts

    Someborry don dey madt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No offense meant.

    If I gush anymore…some ‘mad-minded’ colleagues might think it goes beyond professional respect.

    I dig your work. You inspire me.


  18. Profile photo of magic
    magic (@magic): Writer - 6997 pts

    For real?

  19. Profile photo of Sir Sam
    Sir Sam (@mcsnol): Head Wordsmith - 45234 pts

    Scary but well written. Vivid descriptions; too vivid, in fact, because my heart was racing by the time I finished reading. Good job, writer.

  20. Profile photo of mbanefo
    mbanefo (@mbanefo): Writer - 6582 pts


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