Unrequinted love-my zeal, my failure

Unrequinted love-my zeal, my failure

Green as ever,

My memories of you

Light shining brighter

My love for you

Betrayals from you

Forgotten in a moment

Still, the fight

Not to let you see

Me continues.
Clock ticking

Showing how long I’ve been here

Blazing ever will my soul for you

Yet you ask why I’m this near you

It makes my efforts so hard

My emotions and thoughts, sad

My heart is brewing a storm

I need to drive my point home

Seasons come and go

Yet my communication with you is slow

Imagining you with me

Is all my efforts are capable of
Hotter than fire

Stronger than a storm

My devotion for you

You don’t see, do you?

Is it possible to wait?

When all has been said?

Even to the end of the road,

Very like the beginning

You held my counsel, love

You made me persevere

‘Be long suffering
Reality is presiding

At the head of the table

Showing me different sides of a coin

The bottle is upturned

Showing the level of despair

The days gone by unnoticed

The heart withering

Absence of life…
Yearnings of a lost soul struggling to be heard and thus, found.

8 thoughts on “Unrequinted love-my zeal, my failure” by 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

  1. Good work. Your communication is slow. His sight’s slow too. Maybe you guys need to fast forward things a little. What u think. Lovely poem. Says a whole. Hope it’s not a true story though.

  2. real cool poem.
    like the slow flow.

  3. @Jaywriter.. Thank you for liking the poem.. It was written under real circumstances.. But its over now..

    @Ander-paul, Thank you.. Thank you so much..

  4. Unrequited love is always a huge pain. Just glad its over now.

  5. @ abby- Lol, is it really?

    1. We should ask you now. Was being glad for you. It had better be over oh.

  6. Okay, I get now.. I’m sitting up.. It’s not going to be a problem, lol.. Thank you very much

    1. You are welcome ma’am

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