68 thoughts on “Two straws in a bottle…” by RemiRoy (@RemiRoy)

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    Lade (@Lade-A): Scribe - 16663 pts

    Lovely story. You did a great job of walking us through their growing love. The end is also nice, we know the outcome without you having to spell it out

  2. Fred Nwonwu (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    Nice one. I was left with a cool feeling after reading (hope that is a good thing?). A love story, well told and straight forward. I know the ladies will love this for sure.

  3. beautiful (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    me likey!

  4. remiroy (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    thanks guys.

    @Fred. a very good thing that is. lol

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    Myne (@Myne): Wordsmith - 39167 pts

    Very sweet for sure, it made me smile. Chi should find the words soon oo, lol.

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    nice one! i envy ur narrative style.

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    Reading the story felt like a smooth scenic ride in the countryside, gradually enjoying the view till you got to the destination. Almost wished I was one of the participants. lol!

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      RemiRoy (@RemiRoy): Scribe - 12436 pts

      Ay, thanks for the comment. been trying to reach you tho. but no show.

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    Great job!what are interesting story!.

  9. temitope (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    i love this, sorry maybe because am a hopeless romantic, makes you imagine “and they lived happily ever after”…..nice

  10. Remiroy (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    @all, Tnx a lot, i appreciate that.

  11. Abe Magik (@): Newbie - 0 pts


    i have only 3 words for u

    I Love U.

    keep it up girl

  12. Berri (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    mmh! very nice write up! just wondering what the young folk is still waiting for. maybe the next episode will do justice to that. very good thriller.

  13. Toyin (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    Nice Story line…. Ow long did it take u 2 put this together? we’ll talk dear….


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    A nice love story.

  15. Remiroy (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    @Magik… i’m so loving u too for being far too kind!

    Thanx everyone

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    Really lovely story..

    Weldone Remi!

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    Me likey! Me really really likey! But that last paragraph has a little error (at least so i think…)

    “… to find those (e)very words…”

  18. Remiroy (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    You righty! I hide my face in mild shame. Lol. I wonder if its posible to edit a published story here. Cld do it on d previous site. Tnx kay9!

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    Admin (@ogaoga): Head Wordsmith - 77933 pts

    Hi Remi, you can log in to your dashboard and edit the stories you’ve posted.

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    Dekky (@Dekky): Junior Writer - 1242 pts

    Nice one. I had a good laugh.

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    Amurawaiye Adeyinka (@adeyinkacu): Junior Writer - 4983 pts

    i wish i was the guy in the story, at least for the girl liking him. Nice story.

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    Sope (@sope): Newbie - 346 pts

    Absolutely fantastic!!!!!! I almost cried at the agbalumo bit..lol!

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    kay9 (@kay9): Beginner - 964 pts

    Just re-read this story again and something struck me: why’s the guy’s ringtone ‘Implication’? What’s he implicating? Lol…

  24. Remiroy (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    @kay9. Loool! I gues i just fell in love wit d ‘olele’ part of d song. Had to squeeze it in somewhere…

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    Anderson Paul (@Anderson-paul): Senior Scribe - 26541 pts

    real cool story.
    i feel it could lead to a very nice novel you know,just an idea.

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    abby (@abby): Junior Writer - 3799 pts

    Well done Remi; its a beautiful story (sniff)

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    estrella (@estrella): Scribe - 18098 pts

    I sigh…with contentment! your story just makes me feel light;i ahd a goofy grin on my face by the time i was through with the story.The girl reminds me of me kinda..lol!
    Yoir narrative style is off the hook…easy going and flowing..no hitches..i definitley like!

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    RemiRoy (@RemiRoy): Scribe - 12436 pts

    wow, tnx a lot! I’m glad you like it. thank you, thank you, thank you…..
    @paul. i kinda like your idea. 🙂
    @abby. tnx aplenty!

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    2cute4u (@2cute4u): Junior Writer - 4399 pts

    breathtaking.. my ideal end..

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    Afronuts (@Afronuts): Head Wordsmith - 82669 pts

    For moment i thought this was a love story between two girls until where She calls him dude. I guess I got carried away by mixing the author with the first person narrative of Chi.

    But I LOVE this story…It gave my tummy that jittery feeling you get when you’ve met the girl of your dreams and you’re wondering how to break it to her…I could so much relate with Chi…

    I also love the verisimilude of the story – its realistic and a lot of guys go through similar experiences.

    Lovely story…Good characterisation!

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    Jaywriter (@jaywriter): Junior Writer - 2696 pts

    Good story. The guy’d take things slowly. Rich girl, poor guy… not too sure. Mum just likes. Who wouldn’t like a girl who brings back her daughter home after two years. Talented writing, leaves it at a point where we can see a happily ever after or a ‘met this guys why me was over there’ thing. Keep it up.

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    Jaywriter (@jaywriter): Junior Writer - 2696 pts

    Who wouldn’t like a boy who brings her daughter home after two year.

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    ce ug (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    A very sweet narrative about people about to harvest their quietly nurtured love. I particularly like that it’s not too chick-flik-ish.

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    RemiRoy (@RemiRoy): Scribe - 12436 pts

    hmmm, ‘about to harvest their quietly nurtured love’. i like the way that sounds.
    tnx, ce ug. nice name btw.

    tnx everyone.

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    Diva Divine (@divadivine): Junior Writer - 1552 pts

    I love this..very simple minded and cute…CHi is Cute, i hope he has the guts to follow his heart and she doesnt mess with his…

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    ediye (@ediye): Newbie - 0 pts

    This is really good i must say….ur narative style made it touchy….i like the ‘udara’ session tho I must confess I tot she wud somehow die & CHI was just reminiscenting of what it was like before TOBI’s death…lol!..nice wrap up.

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    Funmi (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    I like I like I like a lot! Very well-written, and their romance is believable without the “beating you over the head” feeling one typically gets from short romance stories these days.

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    RemiRoy (@RemiRoy): Scribe - 12436 pts

    @DD, Ediye & funmi. thanks a gazillion. i appreciate the comments.

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    Keemie (@imek26): Newbie - 60 pts

    Lovely story, will this story be continued.

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    RemiRoy (@RemiRoy): Scribe - 12436 pts

    hmmm, continued? well, not sure yet. but i could try.

    tnx dearie.

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    Keemie (@imek26): Newbie - 60 pts

    Lovely story. I’ll love to read more

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    Mercy Ilevbare (@efearue): Junior Writer - 3437 pts

    Awwww….love it through and through..the descriptions, the conversations , everything! Well done!

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    RemiRoy (@RemiRoy): Scribe - 12436 pts

    Tnx Mercy. I appreciate that very much. Glad you like it!

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    Zino Asalor (@zinzino): Newbie - 174 pts

    . Totally enjoyed this! Not really one for romance but this story sucked me in, I felt like “him” being with Tobi, that perfect girl. Nice one

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    cikko907 (@cikko907): Scribe - 12433 pts

    Dear me, that was something. I smiled all the way through. Reminds me an eerie bit of myself. Awesome stuff…

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    dwisebaba (@dwise4life): Junior Writer - 1207 pts

    Beautiful, left me feeling all warm all over.

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    RemiRoy (@RemiRoy): Scribe - 12436 pts

    Tnx guys. I really do appreciate the kind comments. Really glad you like this.

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    treasured1 (@treasured1): Junior Writer - 4878 pts

    Love it….A wonderful narrative you’ve got there….

    He should find the word in time ooo….

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      RemiRoy (@RemiRoy): Scribe - 12436 pts

      I’m sure he will, with that much inspiration sitting across the table. lol.
      Thanks John.

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    Ellie (@elly): Scribe - 10515 pts

    Love this your Tobi character, correct girl jo! lol. Nice story and since he can think it, the words are there already.

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      RemiRoy (@RemiRoy): Scribe - 12436 pts

      Ha, Elly, does she sound familiar? lol. I love spirited people, I guess that’s why I made her so.
      and I agree, the words are there already!.
      Thanks girl.

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    gretel (@gretel): Junior Writer - 2971 pts

    My lady Roy,I’m surprised I didn’t see my comment here and to imagine I’ve read it thrice,this was so beautiful,so so beautiful,wish I’d be that lucky.
    You rock girl,you rock.

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      RemiRoy (@RemiRoy): Scribe - 12436 pts

      Your Royal fineness :), Thanks a lot. Glad you like it that much.

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    pinkette dawn (@pinkette): Junior Writer - 2619 pts

    Wow, I love this. It’s so, so real and touching. Good work Remi! I don’t know you but I like you already.

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    RemiRoy (@RemiRoy): Scribe - 12436 pts

    RealLy? I almost forgot this story was here. Lol. Thanks Pinkette, glad you like it. You’re so nice, I like you too! 🙂

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    Prince Ajubo (@elyone): Junior Writer - 3113 pts

    Mmm…good stuff.No verbosity,just straight down like a good shot from a skillful snooker player.I also luv the chatty conversational flow.However,it would do with a little less colloqiality.

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    irenecarew-bako (@irenecarewbako): Writer - 6680 pts

    Ok Rem, you aim to rise abi? With this sweet tale you got to the sky….make I see where you go go next! Well done gal…

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    shaifamily (@shaifamily): Head Wordsmith - 43804 pts

    Another one out of the BLUES.
    The guy sounds just like someone I knew…and the story like one I know very well.

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    adams (@coshincozor): Scribe - 14661 pts

    woww! this is wh
    at i so want in a prose – tie me to read to the end. i did without knowing i did. the present continuous narrative style makes me feel as if i am Achi the guy. i love the story

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    11degrees (@11degrees): Beginner - 538 pts

    I most definately will not forgive my self if i don’t commend your writing skill. It’s amazing.

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    RemiRoy (@RemiRoy): Scribe - 12436 pts

    Thanks guys. I really appreciate the comments. I was just getting the hang of proper writing when I wrote this. I’m glad nobody has mentioned the punctuation issues up in here. But I wouldn’t edit it for a billion dollars, at least not here. Keeps me grounded.

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    chemokopi (@chemokopi): Head Wordsmith - 294395 pts

    Awwww…did it have to stop? (‘story-sick right now’) Nice job! I forgot I was reading; the words sublimed into very strong visuals. Its incredible how you were able to use words to conjure up such amazing imagery. And the chemistry-that was some good one.

    Honestly I can’t fault this. Keep it up!

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    Eletrika (@babyada): Head Wordsmith - 46014 pts

    If I don’t comment on this, I’ll fall sick. Wow, this is SPLENDID!!! Although, I spotted two irregularities of tenses. ‘Stood’by the car and ‘I thought of it and smiled’. You’re already there dude. If you go further than this, you’ll blow us up!

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    RemiRoy (@RemiRoy): Scribe - 12436 pts

    Thanks Eletrika. There are many irregularities in this piece o. But I’m glad peeps think the story is engaging. Makes me feel a lil better. 🙂

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    Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte): Head Wordsmith - 125245 pts

    I love the simplicity and flow of the story..Well done nd Congrats..

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    Princes Arah (@sarah): Scribe - 12010 pts

    Nice Story Babe, Lv D Flow Nd Write Up Esp On The Love Reminds Me Of Some Pple I Used To Knw, Lol

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    Nice story

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