Till Death Do us Part

Till Death Do us Part

His fiery gaze is burning through my skin. I want to kick, scream or run but my fear has rooted me to the cracked tile on which I stand. Oh God… Now, I am staring at the cracks I nagged my mother to fix, tracing them with my eyes as they intersect and part, only to meet again. Like us. Those cracks I wanted to rid my room of so badly are now the only distraction from the torture that is about to befall me. He is laughing. Ecstatic in his evil. He loves it.

You are nothing. You are nothing because that is what I say you are. You think that fool is going to save you from me?

He lets out another deep, throaty laugh as he continues his assault on my mind. I own you. I always have and I always will. If you go near that idiot again, I’ll own him too. Now, his arm is slowly encircling my waist and his lips are brushing against my left ear. God… I used to love this. I used to love him. I lusted, encouraged, wanted… Now, I am trapped. He is whispering the way he used to when he said my name in ways that annihilated my self control. My nails digging into his back… His strong arms pulling my hair… God… What have I done?

Stay away from him. Or you’ll both pay.


Shut. Up. And lie down.

The tears are fighting their way out of me but I am resilient. He can’t see me cry. It’ll just make this worse.

“Please… I’m sorry… It’s Papa… He wants to become Chief’s in-law… I never…”

SHUT. UP. AND LIE DOWN. You know you want to…

I hate the fact that a part of me still does. A part of me that can’t do without this exhilirating dance I have been performing since I was thirteen. My nails in his back… His hands on my throat… Before I know it, we fall to the bed… God…


Mama had burst into the room suddenly. I hadn’t realised I had been screaming.

“What is it? Are you alright?”

“Yes Mama… I’m sorry…”

“It’s okay… You were screaming, you know? What is it? Who were you talking to?”

As usual, he is gone. His scent still lingers, though. He’s not far… My husband…

“Nobody mama… It was just a bad dream.”

“Are you sure?” She moves to sit by me, worry etched into every one of her wrinkles. “My dear… This is the second time this week…”

I shake her hands off my shoulder. “I’m fine.” The guilt her love inflicts on me is too much to bear. The secrecy… I wish I could tell her… The words seem to rise through my throat but my tongue is too weak to to carry them out. He will kill me. I can’t. Instead…

 “The wedding is off.”

10 thoughts on “Till Death Do us Part” by Funmi-F (@Funmi-F)

  1. Wow! This is good. I felt Nnenna in the story. Her emotions gripped me. I was actually startled out of the grip by her mother’s call like she was.
    You did a great job with this.

  2. Short… but sweet. I like that you don’t have to tell the full story (e.g. about Nnenna’s husband’s past) for us to feel her terror.

  3. Flourishing Florida (@)


  4. This seems like a spirit-husband scenario, isn’t it?

    1. Yes… That was what I was going for… It just came to my head and I wrote it down. Thanks for all the compliments, guys… :)

  5. I also got the spirit husband vibe but the title tripped me up. You got it all, I was actually more intruiged by the spirit guy, his malevolent power seeps off the screen, Jeez, I wouldn’t want to encounter him myself.

    Bravo and encore!

  6. I like the mystery behind the subject matter. The possession of a human by a spirit being that is married to her. The story is short and captivating.

    Though i feel the mystique surrounding the spirit husband can be further explored. In other words, this could turn out into a bigger story. Still it was a good short.

  7. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    the personality of the spirit husband was very realistic…thou it was short, it was engaging, i hope there is more

  8. (Doing the sign of the cross) Spirit husband since 13!! That’s scary o!.. Well done Funmi-F

  9. Thanks guys… I just read over this again and I feel like this is my favourite of all the stories that I have written. Your comments validate that. Thanks a lot.

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