The Groom’s Eulogy

The Groom’s Eulogy

The smell of the creams

that whiff from her hair seams

her soft silky touch

to make the man long so much

she’s the opposite sex

the one who got next

to the man

the seeder of the clan

Without her you’d be lonesome

she’s a necessity you’ll need more than just some

of her feminine loving

soft tender hugging

created by God to make the man happy

She’s to be loved tenderly without being snappy

I cherish

without blemish

so precious

this treasure

I’m very human

I most definitely love this woman…

10 thoughts on “The Groom’s Eulogy” by Afronuts (@Afronuts)

  1. You are right man.
    Everyone must love the woman.
    Good poem.

    1. you feel me?

  2. “created by God to make the man happy”??!!
    So glad to know that’s the reason i exist!

    1. Hahahaha! Evryday there’s something interesting to learn about you women, trust me

  3. lol @ Lade. Trust me, Afronuts means well.
    Tis ironic how we can read the same piece and different things jump out at us (with reference to the above comments)

    1. And what meaning would you be ascribing to this piece?

      1. And you’re right, I do mean well…lol

      2. Was refering to Lade’s comment; considering what she hung on to from the piece.

  4. lol…Abby is so right..If Lade hadn’t pointed that out , I will just have glossed over it..but really Afronuts?? “Created by God to make the man happy”?… It is a very witty poem though, and I enjoyed it regardless..

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