The Great Con

The Great Con

I got to know a stranger
When he beeped my pager
We later had a merger
And he took over the ledger
Didn’t know he was a forger
A talented artful dodger

Couldn’t believe what he’d done
Until after he had gone
I was the victim of a con
And it was time to mourn
He might now be on the run
But I swear he has not won

Then I got a tip-off call
He was seen with a new doll
I had taken a bad fall
And he was having a ball
I visited him with a carry-all
Shot him in the front hall.

13 thoughts on “The Great Con” by Myne (@Myne)

  1. I’ve read this so many times but just decided to comment today.
    The poem makes me laugh. I can just picture the whole thing from the con to the victim’s anger and search for the criminal right up to the revenge finale. Good for him!
    Nice play on words.

  2. Thank you Rayo, I enjoyed writing this piece too even though it’s a bit different from my usual style.

  3. pamela (@)

    Brilliant use of language.

  4. beutiful, very sweet to read.

  5. Thank you for your comments.

  6. This is funny and i am going to make sure some naughty friends of mine read this.
    they will need it.
    nice piece.

  7. Good stuff. Looks like Dolly Parton kinda thing without the rhymes of course.

  8. Hm! Con artist extraordinaire.

  9. Thank you all, I’m glad you liked it.

  10. Wow…lol, Myne, I never knew u had the poetics in you. But I see the prosaic influence here. Nice story in poetic drama – looks like a synopsis put in beautiful poetic rendition; a synopsis that had a begining, climax and a vengeful end!


  11. You know, she could have tried forgiving him. lol
    Well done Myne.

  12. You are wicked O!

  13. love the end rhymes………..

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