Stormy Heavens

Stormy Heavens

The heavily pregnant clouds smile,
Thunder bolts accompanied it with roaring laughter,
Piercing lightning raged,
Contributing its own to thier excited chatter.
They argued,agreed and disagreed,
Together they threw tantrums,
Intimidating the inky night,
Each showing its untamed might,
Lightning struck,
Thunder in return beat its drums,
The pregnant cloud rumbled and raged,
Until its water broke,
Its underbelly overflowed,
And rain came down in blinding showers.
Filling pots and earthenwares,
Watering gardens and waking sleeping flowers.
The earth opened it pores,
To drink,soak and store.
The wind whistled by defiantly,
Ruffling the plants,
Cooling the eaves,
Swaying the drenched and tired leaves,
Its torrents eased.
The heavens coughed,
Shaking off the stormy contortions.
The pleased rainbow eased out teasingly,
Spreading out its dappled beauty,
And staking its claim across the chilly skies,

ANDERSON (2010)©♥

7 thoughts on “Stormy Heavens” by Anda Damisa Lazywrita (@Anderson-paul)

  1. I liked the juxtaposition of the turmoil in the skies with the calmness of the earth… Like two opposing forces eventually balanced out by the rainbow at the end… This was well written.

    1. I’m with you on this one.

  2. Thank you Funmi,you are on the same path as i am.

  3. Man and woman… and love. No matter how much we cursed in the night, we always paused and thought in the morning because of love. Good poem. Don’t know if that’s how you intended it, but that how me connected with it. Keep it up.

    1. OOps
      thats cool.
      i didnt really see it from that angle but it makes a lotta sense.

  4. Mr. Anderson.

    Very well done mein frende…very well done..

    I saw Jay’s interpretation as well.

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