Seductive Kisses

Seductive Kisses

Seductive kisses that consume
shadows on the walls of my room
long gone yet i smell the fumes
of your musky lingering perfume
anticipating when next we shall resume
So I go back

Incessant infatuation etched in Braille
Defences, walls, start to fail
when my ego begs me to bail
for in sleep, your memory prevails
in worship, your name my lips hail
So I go back

Of my body’s needs you are aware, your flair!
i lay collapsed gasping for air
we lock eyes in an unblinking stare
i pray… name me, my love, as heir
to your heart, affairs, i will take great care
So I go back

Return to you, in the daylight of hushed kisses
public dismisses, your heart never reminisces.
My sleepless siestas, dreaming un-grantable wishes
Of progress, an open caress, favour me a title more noblesse
Darkness alone you profess, with finesse, I regress
So I go back

5 thoughts on “Seductive Kisses” by dizzale (@dizzale)

  1. At least, you can dream of her. Who is she? Good poem though.

  2. nice beautifully carved art piece, sweet… line 1 stanza2 is thoughtful and rich…very very practical and identifiable….kudos!

  3. i hope she has read this. great poem sir

  4. …Sexy poem…

  5. nice one…dreaming un-grantable wishes…LOL

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