The music playing in his brain was off tune, yes, it was recognizable but it wasn’t right, it was high pitched and screechy. He removed the earphones from his ear, these earphones had a problem. This wasn’t new to him; he had heard worse of earphones before. He went to his room and lay down to sleep.

He visualized the film characters in his head, his room mate must have started watching a film, if not he would still be deeply asleep by now. He stirred in his bed, some character in the film screamed out in anger, damn! His speakers were loud. Now he was pissed off, he said it quite subconsciously “reduce the volume, its loud” NO response, he said it again, then his room mate replied “do you want me to put the volume on zero?”

Later that day, he was in his friends room, his friend was using an ipod, Ipod nano..he could hear the song from the other end of the room, he never realized ipod earphones were that loud, yes they were loud but he could hear the song softly playing, Forever, Chris Brown, like the music was coming from the walls not the earphones, it surrounded him like a black veil of sweet confusion that arises from astonished ignorance. He left the room to get off the feeling. Silence, that was better.

The next day, he was in his school library, trying gently to get the weird happenings of the day before out of his head, his earphones went off tune, he could hear his room mates film very loudly even though it was greatly reduced right from when he started watching it, then he could hear his friends music from the earphones quite creepily.

Just then, right there in the library, some one turned on some loud music, quite secular, very loud Shayo by Durella, he could hear it very strident, he turned around, no one in the library seemed to notice, his heart skipped a beat, no way!, they weren’t going to tell him they weren’t hearing that!, at least someone else too would have turned their head, no one, not a single soul had turned except him, they were just moving around like nothing just happened. He turned round again trying to look for the perpetrator, he had to be somewhere close with his laptop, what audacity…..he didn’t find anyone with a laptop around him, his heart started pounding now, no he wasn’t running mad, he wasn’t hearing things, this was not from his head.

He stood up quite shakily in fear, no he had to find this person, he had to convince himself he wasn’t mad. The music was as loud as ever, he tapped the person on his left, “can’t you hear the music playing”. The person answered quite startled “no?” he moved from his seat quite clumsily, making silly scraping noises with his chair, about three people stirred from their work. What! And they didn’t move when the music started? He walked around the library in a haste looking for the person. Some people were using laptops but none of them had any music on, he was unnerved as he moved back to his seat, just then the music got a little louder, he turned to the music source, he almost collapsed at what he saw, he shook his head rejecting the things his eyes were telling him he was seeing…..

He carried his books and left the library in a haste, still shaking his head and denying the facts it was presenting to him….he had seen a guy with earphones!, how possible was that? he couldn’t have been the one, no,no,no,no! this wasn’t happening, he was going to sleep now and get the whole thing out of his head, he passed a person using earphones, it was as clear as digital, it was one of those songs Keri Hilson could have sung, he just didn’t know which one, his calming agitation took a huge leap, his heart almost came out of his nose, it was real, it was happening, he was going fanatical, and it was earphones that was making him so, he had suddenly,(or overtime) developed an acute hearing for earphones and speakers alike, he passed five people with earphones on his way back to his room he recognised some, he was new to some but they all seemed louder.

This increase in loudness wasn’t arithmetic, it was geometric(2,4,8,16,32,64…..) he realized in shocking fear by the time he reached his hostel ho could hardly pick up a distinct earphone sound, he looked around in panic, his pulse rate sky shooting, he didn’t feel the sweat tricking down his side or his heavy breathing or the booming on his ribcage initiated by his heart, there was not a person in sight using earphones but he was going mad with the music and films, oh his fauvorite song, love stoned , Justin Timberlake, then ….then …. He couldn’t pick out the rest, he moved closer to his hostel, the different sound were now like noise produce in a Sunday market only it was a music and film Sunday market with each sales man displaying his wares blasting his own type of music creating a liberally nepotistic array of bullshit.

It was almost constant now, but it couldn’t be called music anymore, it was more like loud rushing water, plenty humming bees, jolly big shiny green flies, clumsy chickens in a poultry farm, a noisy lecture room, a cricket ridden bush , a standing ovation, the wind blowing trees, and metal scraping metal, all at the same time. The closer he moved to his hall, the more unbearable it became, now the whole thing was out of tune, spinning in the limbo version of cloud seven, many colours,, many sounds, uncontrollable rush, pain, severity, gnashing of teeth, demons, many demons, more demons, the earphone demons, peach black, void in forced screeching, busting screeching, fork scraping metal, many forks on metal, the sound was searing into his brain, very soon it would rupture, like a rind of lemon slicing through his brain, sour tasting sounds, intense sourness, more demons, more torture, the devil himself.

15 thoughts on “Screech” by Amurawaiye Adeyinka (@adeyinkacu)

  1. I enjoyed this story, with its overtones of the supernatural. I just wish you would eschew the excessive use of commas, sometimes, commas end up making it hard for us to figure out the narrative of a story, everything ends up feeling rushed and jumbled, do you see what I mean, etc.,…

  2. ok, taken note of.

  3. The final paragraph of this story was powerful. I get the point about excessive use of commas but it worked quite well in the last bit of the story cos it showed the manic confusion that was going on in he MC’s head. The last line was very hard hitting- Well done. :)

  4. I agree, Funmi – in that last paragraph, the usage of commas works very well.

  5. Thank you! Thank you all!

  6. ha! this is great. sweet narrative. well done.

    is…is that music i hear?….lol

  7. Nice stoy..reminded me of my hero Clark Kent when he first learned he had super hearing abilities…you kept a tight grip on the tempo of the story too.I like the way the pace of the story heightened as the character’s hearing abilities increase..nice work!

  8. Strong supernatural thriller.Its like the gradual possesion of a being by a demon. I’m tripped more by the imagination behind it. Just be easy on the punctuations

  9. They have said it all. I love the way you controlled the story; the gradual build up to the manic escalation. I could feel the guy’s panic and swift descent into mad darkness in the last paragraph.
    Great writing. True talent

  10. Thank you all!, comments appreciated.

  11. Well done. Liked it. Someone aptly described it in the similitude of a gradual possession of a human by a demon. Actually sounds more like that.

  12. That last paragraph sent me into a frenzy!!! I felt the confusion, the fear ,the panic,and the dread all rolled in one…phew!! Nice!!

  13. yeah thanks, @Abby, you really go the message.

  14. sorry, it’s got* not go

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