One Last Thought

One Last Thought

Your several denials

Have bred pain in my inside

So I say to my mouth

“She deserves no space near my mind”

Cast her out in the open

With the regalia of roaming loons

Then your thought wouldn’t adorn her

For her beauty will lack a beholding eye

I try with much bravery

To accept this false truth

But as night provides a shield

From my unappointed umpires

I furtively steal a thought…

Of you.

Resisting all but temptation

Poised at the brim of resignation

I say with a loud voice

And a shaking resolve

“Around your heart I loiter no more”

But before I start this fast

To purge me of you at last

I plead my jurors

Suffer me to indulge,

Just the first last thought.

8 thoughts on “One Last Thought” by Itodo Samuel Anthony (@makeway)

  1. This must be the tenth ‘indulge’ n surely won’t be the last one. Good work.

  2. Granted. Have this feeling that this could be the tenth ‘indulge’ n surely won’t be the last one. Good work.

  3. Another song of unrequited love with the singer trying to continue ahead with life despit the heartbreak. Good

  4. @jay and afronuts, thanks.

  5. Makeway, I like the way you wrote this. You have either suffered same or have listened to one too many tales. Either way, you portrayed it very well. It rings close to home for anyone who has suffered addiction of any sort. Well done.

  6. Absolutely love this, especially the last line “Suffer me to indulge, just the first last thought”…Well done!!

  7. real nice poem here.
    well done.

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