My Story Of Love

My Story Of Love

For as long as I sing;
You do not weep nor listen to the beat of my heart…
Just glisten while I weep
For sorrow is my soul mate;
A mating damp in my loin

Worries are nothing but the captain of my ship
A ship coupled in lust and love,
Lust and love?

I am a captain of their enigma
Wondering when my urges will differentiate between them.
The same urges that left me wet last night,
The same love that quenched my ugly urge,

I wonder how many of you
Have had their hearts decorated before
I had mine decorated before;
A red ribbon round the hem,

Purple to show my kindness,
Pink to let you know I care,
Upon all I toasted it with love for you!

But then you shredded my heart into pieces,
You pierced it before the sun
And tattooed it before my adversaries
Like a virgin’s night out…
You broke it
I am gone;
From your warm bosom built with chisels.

But I wonder who will mend this heart.
But as you hear my story, do not cry.
Just glisten while I cry!

5 thoughts on “My Story Of Love” by Chika Onyenezi (@onyenezichika)

  1. Profile photo of Jaywriter
    Jaywriter (@jaywriter): Junior Writer - 2706 pts

    Sorry dear. You just have to keep your heart from breaking again. Good poem. Sweetly emotional too.

  2. Profile photo of Anderson Paul
    Anderson Paul (@Anderson-paul): Senior Scribe - 26559 pts

    so emotional and heart wrenching.
    i hope you just wrote it from fun and not from experience cause i once wrote something similar during a troubled period.
    i like the piece though.

  3. Profile photo of abby
    abby (@abby): Junior Writer - 3807 pts

    The heartbreak part was striking, more so because of the picture of decoration of your heart, you had just depicted. Straight out of purple and pink, right into pitch darkness. It almost hurt. I hope this isn’t real but i do know that poetry, more often than not is the writer’s pain and/or joy. I hope you are healed now. Well done.

  4. Profile photo of lactoo
    lactoo (@louis): Scribe - 17895 pts

    Nice emotional poem.

  5. Profile photo of mbanefo
    mbanefo (@mbanefo): Writer - 7115 pts

    nice poetic setting …keep it up

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