My Pain Song / This Woman

My Pain Song / This Woman

I’m fettered and bound in chains only i can feel,
I’m hunted by an unforgiving past,
Assaulted by a future unseen.
I trudge through this prison.
Bordered in tween,
Hopelessness,unreason and maladies deep.
This enigma haunts me,
Its brutal laughter stings me in the dark,
It taunts me with errors past,
Until in its poison I’m lost.
Leaving my heart tattooed by ugly sutures,
And my soul wounded,bruised and tortured.

Its whip of anger and deceit,
Brutally cuts deep but never bleeds.
Hopelessness holds me hostage,
Lies and broken hearts pay me homage.
Lost in a bottomless abyss,
I carry alone this burden.
Within the walls of this lonely lair,
i’m subdued,a servant to fear.
There..pain rules,a ruthless warden.

I thrive in its complicity,
A hopeless accomplice.
I soak its torture,
Its mocking travesty,
And nurture those pains to pleasure me like ecstasy.
I’m forever lost in this wasteland,
Here,I’m stuck and no longer a stranger.
My fold and order has crumbled into nothingness.
To its disorder,i have succumbed.
I hope to forget its sutures and go numb.
i don’t want to feel,
i don’t want to fill,
with hope,this heart i have learnt to steel.
for i have looked farther and no light beckoned,
i have screamed Father and i hear no redemption song.
alone in this wasteland i belong,
and there i sit,
writing,crying and withering away to this pain song.




She moves in silky steps,
Carving out treacherous lines and dainty sonnets,
Her wriggling waist weaves romantic poems,
When she dances,
Her bare feet raises dust from the brown earth,
And they seem to hang over her,
Stuck in awe,
A testament to her prowess.
The beads of her waist jingles.
They sing a song of its own,
They tell a tale often untold,
And its rainbow like beauty it flaunts,
Proud and bold.

Upon her lips,
Courage sings.
None rivals the tenacity of her words,
Her allure screams.
Her soul and spirit embedded in its bond.
Her twin fawns stand tall,
Rising and falling with the the beat of her ever thumping heart.
Tiny rivulets of sweat hang upon her forehead,
Adding lusture to a sheen unseen.
Her arms moves swiftly with her leaping steps,
Though weary,
Her sagging back,a tower of strength.
She tills the earth,
Fill the earthenware,
Sing and coo to the crying children,
While tending the flames beneath the boiling millet,
Yet the gleam in her eyes never darken,
Out of the well of her heaving breast,
The child squeezes and suckles of her courage,
Her tenacity and her dauntless heritage.
Of her comely grace,
Men of valor are made.
This woman of idyll novelty,
Lives in every heart.
Her art,
An eternal legacy.

ANDERSON (2010)©♥

11 thoughts on “My Pain Song / This Woman” by Anda Damisa Lazywrita (@Anderson-paul)

  1. I’m no poet but i could feel the depth of pain and hopelessness of that first poem. As i read it, i had this sensation of drowning. That really freaked me out.
    Your use of words are amazing; the emotions they convey grip the reader.
    Beautiful, simply beautiful.
    Did i leave out The Woman? Not possible. The Woman makes me think of the African woman and as always, i salute our strength and spirit and life so clearly expressed in the poem. Thank you for such tribute.

    1. thank you,i wrote that at a time i was kinda depressed.glad its in the past now and for the other one i just wanted to pay a tribute to every woman and i am glad you liked it.

  2. i like the choice of words and the way you weave them to make it work for you.
    well done, Paul!

  3. @jay.thanks

  4. My only problem with this is that you combined two great poems in one stream, now my attention is divided..Great job Paul..

    1. Thank you Mercy,
      it wasnt my intention to combine both,just a little mistake on my part.

      1. Please don’t make that mistake again o!

        1. i sure wont,i have learnt my lesson.
          thank you.

  5. Hmmm, just seeing this. I wonder how it skipped me.
    Beautiful Paul. I’ve never being a poetry person and so have no patience with them but it must be the way you write them. They are so easy to relate to. Both poems are beautiful Paul. I imagine if your poems are performed/sung; It’ll be a blast.

    You’ve got talent bro.

    1. Thank you ma,i believe poetry is supposed to be simple and easy to the ears so i try as much as possible to make mine simple and sweet.

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