My Mum’s Honda

My Mum’s Honda

My mum had a Honda, I guess it was champagne in colour. It wasn’t an SUV, no it wasn’t. I guess it was a minivan then. A ride convenient enough to be that of a soccer mum. Why am I telling you all this? Well, this is the story of that minivan, Honda. I can’t remember what model of car it was, but I guess it was an ODESSEY. Yea, something like that. I’m not a car person so I can’t tell you what year of model it was, it’s not as if you would know the car if I told you the year the model was made. And if you are a car person, no offenses taken, please.

Ok, so this car and my mum, my mum, she wasn’t a soccer mum, but she did take us to school on one of those occasions when the driver was not around. The thing about that car is, no one really liked it. Well, I never had any grudges against the car, I mean, it didn’t hit me or any of my friends, and it was not slow or anything, so I never really hated the car, the only thing being its alarm system. That was the car’s problem, it had a lousy alarm system.

I don’t think the car came with the alarm system, no it didn’t come with it, but after my aunt narrated the story of how her own Toyota Siena was stolen from her compound in the middle of the night, my mum didn’t hesitate to get an alarm. Look, we all know alarms are pretty annoying and very noisy, but this one was unbearable. See the thing, don’t get me wrong, car alarms make noise all the time. You open your door, it starts screaming bloody murder. Your phone rings and you wait for the alarm to stop blowing before you pick the call. You get into the mood of the call and you don’t know when you enter your car and shut the door, the car starts screaming again, you are vexed and you try to explain over the noise to the person you are calling that it’s just your car, you know what I mean?

But after a while, you get used to everything, the stupid noise made by your car, it becomes like the background music played in bank doors, and most likely that car alarm will never help you through your stay with that car, and if your car eventually gets stolen, it will probably be when you are in one meeting and you are situated far away from the car so you won’t even the car screaming. Most people are not going to come to your house in the middle of the night to steal your precious ride.

So this ride we are talking about, my mum’s Honda was a foolish ride and as we put it then, the wind could trip off the alarm. We were always pissed about it and no one was ever willing to get it removed. We never really got used to it, but we stopped complaining. One hot night like that, the mosquitoes were having a feast, a feast you never want to wake up to take part in. You always prefer to sleep through it, at least then, you don’t feel it. This night was one of those nights, when you prefer to sleep through the heat and not wake up to mosquito’s’ and sweating. The car alarm started its usual yelling, just that this was a little unusual, it was in the dead of a hot mosquito feast, we weren’t in the mood of waking up.
But first things first, the car was screaming and it was the middle of the night, maybe someone was actually trying to still the ride. My mum and dad had rushed out to catch the thief champagne handed in her car paint, they met the car literally sniggering at them. There was no one to be found, my dad and mum were checking the surroundings for any clues when the car started to scream again, they were both startled, but a moment later, the shock turned to anger, no one had touched the car and it had yelled like someone had pushed it in hot oil or as if someone had poured hot water on its chassis. They found it hard to sleep that night, you know, the whole hot weather and the mosquitoes having a field day. You know I thought field days were meant for day time before, but after seeing mosquitoes having one in the dead of the night, my views changed.
The next time such happened, you know, the next time it screamed in the night, not a single soul came down to check it, well, that’s how I would have wanted it to be, but you know human beings, they never cease to amaze me. My mum and dad came down, but as usual, nobody was there. Quite predictable hunh? It happened one more time, this time, my dad didn’t budge, only my mum came down to meet her car cackling.
It happened again, this time, no one stood up, not even my mom. Well, the next day was school and the driver called my mum and told her he would not be able to make it that morning. My mum started to rush us, said she was going to take us to school that day. It was a welcome difference, and to cut the long story short, I was the first to enter the garage. I can’t say what I saw was shocking, I mean, it’s not like the Honda was bashed or its windscreen was cracked or the window was broken or anything of that nature, it was just that, the car was not there anymore. I guess I wasn’t smart enough to draw ready conclusions or maybe I just didn’t want to accept the facts, I checked outside the house to see if it was packed there.

Who knows, maybe my mum had woken early to pack the ride outside the house.
No, it wasn’t there, just the neighbours Toyota corolla. I walked back to the house with a creased brow when I remembered the alarm, the night before, my brows popped up, and I inevitably and rather inexplicably, if you ask me, knew what had happened. As I ran up to inform my mum of the incident, I knew we were never going to see that ride ever again… least not that particular one.

19 thoughts on “My Mum’s Honda” by Amurawaiye Adeyinka (@adeyinkacu)

  1. @Adeyinka: Your style of repetition was a little off-putting after a while (”…this car and my mum, my mum…”, ”…i don’t think the car came with the alarm system, no it didn’t…”, ”…the next time such happened, you know, the next time…”). I think moderating it will make a smoother reading experience.
    Nice story though; must’ve been a hell of an alarm system.

  2. Thanks for the critism, your right. Will look out next time.

  3. Kesiena (@)

    Lol…funny story. Your writing style is unique, though it takes a bit of practice to get used to. On the whole, great job.

  4. soprano (@)

    Kinda sounds like the story of the boy who cried wolf

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth… I think the repetition might have affected the reader’s ability to fully connect with the story… For instance, the parents cosntantly going down to check the alarm etc sort of implies that the “crying wolf” situation will ultimately turn out to be true. With a bit of shortening and tightening, the ending could pack more punch. I liked this story, though. Alarms annoy the life out of me so I could definitely relate, lol.

  5. Mazi Nwonwu (@Fredrick-chiagozie-Nwonwu)

    Dear writer, I like your story and the way you wrote it. But you have to mind you punctuation. Your use of the comma is very suspect and takes a lot from your writing. Also recheck your spelling and the typos that crept in.
    I think you have all the making of a great writer, just learn to me more careful and read your work over and over again. Don’t be like me who took forever to learn to proofread his own work. Keep em coming.

  6. hmmmm, i like this. reads like a Bill Cosby or Bernie Mac narrative.
    it’s a unique style, i guess…

  7. @ Fredrick, Thanks for the advice, will look closer next time.

  8. Real funny and nice story.reminded me of a story in primary school about false alarms.

  9. I could tell where the story was going from the start but that didnt stop me enjoying it. Funny story. You already got enough literary advice so need for more from me.

  10. Thank you, comment appreciated.

  11. Ugo Chime (@Flourishing-Florida)

    i kinda liked this story, or rather wot d writer was trying to say. d typos made it a little difficult sha, but in d whole, i could relate 2 d story.

    @adeyinka: rather dan wait 4 d next story to watch ur errors, y can’t u edit dis present one.

  12. I have tried, but i really don’t know how to do it.

  13. I enjoyed the story apart from the distracting typos…To avoid typos (misspelt words), I always have a dictionary handy while writing… After writing, I send it to a friend to proof read and make not too damaging corrections (corrections that wont change my story line /plot).This way when I put the story out there the errors are less… Well done anyway..

  14. Thanks for the advice, took note of it. Anyway i’m glad you liked it.

  15. Hey…the grammar in writing…easier to speak than hey…Well, editing mostly comes last….Got the gist of the story though…Nice one…Keep em up….

  16. i get ur point, thanks for reading

  17. Nice one, that what happens when there is a false alarm.

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