Every Wrinkle is a Story

Every Wrinkle is a Story

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27 thoughts on “Every Wrinkle is a Story” by pyneapples (@pyneapples)

  1. Avatar of Beautiful
    Beautiful (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    nice one!

  2. Avatar of Mazi Nwonwu
    Mazi Nwonwu (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    Nice one, I enjoyed this. This one of those perfect cliffhangers.

  3. Adeyinka (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    Touching end to the story

  4. Avatar of
    Maid (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    Well written, great begining and definitely a great ending. You write well. Good good job!

  5. Avatar of Dekky
    Dekky (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    Wow..kept me hanging. Nice Job.

  6. Avatar of Tola Odejayi
    Tola Odejayi (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    Very good… funny and touching at once!

  7. Avatar of estrella
    estrella (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    Love the cantekerous man in the story! you write so well i was disappointed it ended so quickly…beautiful!

  8. pyneapples (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    thanks everyone.

  9. Avatar of RemiRoy
    RemiRoy (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    ha! i like it o. ‘specially the headache inducing grammar!

  10. Martin (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    Beautiful piece…had me holdin my ribs to make sure dey dint crack at first then quickly sobered me up wt d denouement. Wonder what inspired this…

  11. pyneapples (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    thanks. i was inspired by someone i met briefly many years ago.

  12. Avatar of abby
    abby (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    A sad ending indeed; sobered me up.
    Nice work!

  13. Avatar of Lade
    Lade (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    This is so nice and so touching. That end took me by surprise.

  14. Avatar of Anderson Paul
    Anderson Paul (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    funny man and a strange mother…pity him though.
    what tragedies can do to a man..

  15. Avatar of Ugo Chime
    Ugo Chime (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    very nice! @ d point u introduced d old woman, i began wondering if she a ghost, esp wen she said d stuff abt d man. very good.

    p.s: y did u make d grammar-blowing man a professor na? isn’t dat a cliche? & incorrectly so, at dat.

  16. Avatar of Afronuts
    Afronuts (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    This is a nice story but I suspect this must be an initial draft. I’m sure if you looked at itagain and again, you might be able to make it better. The intense begining, the humourous references and the touching end with a twist are the power of this story but I know that if you took time to look at it and make some changes you’ll make an unforgetable piece.

    There are some parts that seemed detached but could be better.

    Overall, I like the story, the humor and the touching twist!

  17. Avatar of Diva Divine
    Diva Divine (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    nice one Pyneapples..keep it up

  18. Avatar of ediye
    ediye (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    wow!…wht a story!..poor old woman..

  19. Avatar of Mercy Ilevbare
    Mercy Ilevbare (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    Mama Andy’s only son…how sad.. lovely, poignant and precise..good job pyneapples.

  20. For me,how the story worked itself to the title is what really knocked me off.Very good one!

  21. Avatar of doubleespresso
    doubleespresso (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    Great flow, excellent detailing, well told!

  22. Avatar of barbara
    barbara (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    I didn’t want it to end, very interesting.

  23. Avatar of jlde
    jlde (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    hum…its an effluvium of revelation…reminds me of our own naija…nice piece.

  24. Avatar of Kiah
    Kiah (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    Well done..this was well written!!!

  25. Avatar of aghoghosam
    aghoghosam (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    Just saw this story on the anthology list , congratulations , you deserve it :)

  26. Avatar of Bubbllinna
    Bubbllinna (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    I love this story because it was fun to read with all em big words and the characters innit…U deserve it, Ur story deserves that place on the anthology list..Congrats..

  27. Avatar of Ono-Edosio
    Ono-Edosio (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    sad tale….

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