Efforts Of The Helpless

Efforts Of The Helpless

It beats so hard

That on the mirror

The shapes arrange

The consciousness

Trying to please

Please so hard

You forget who you are

Becoming what you are now,

What they want-


The effort, the strain

Yet no results


She calls to me…

Please forgive me if I’ve done you wrong

You’ve done nothing,

I say

She has not

I work so hard

Effort is useless

Result is all I want

I kneel, lie

I walk, sprint

No result?!!!

It’s so hard

To keep believing

The doubts flood;

Drown other feelings


No reasons

No strength

Watching, waiting, and hoping.


If I should say-

Make me

Then was I made?

I say, keep me

Was I kept?

Happy, was I unhappy?

I do not know

Trying to understand

Pushing so hard

Yet no difference is made

They still continue

Wickedness and ignorance

Take the front chair

They orchestrate the events of yesterday, today

But, tomorrow?

They are overshadowed by the

Zeal of hope, success and resilience

Ha me?

I knew the day would come

So, make me

Keep me

Happiness enfold me

Yes I direct you

Its okay

You are free

You are alright

7 thoughts on “Efforts Of The Helpless” by 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

  1. Good poem but couldn’t interprete it. Maybe u’d help. A line to make it easier for me to understand.

  2. I made a mistake editing the poem.. Now I see it..
    Anyway, the gist of the poem is the thoughts of a person who ;lacks confidence, wanting acceptance, needing to make a mark and despite the sacrifices and the pple she has to cross, still the end results don’t come soon enough..
    Thank you

  3. good poem.
    with your explanation,i go to get the feel of the poem.

  4. No wonder it was a bit tough deciphering the poem. Its a very personal and indepth one; lingering thoughts and retrospects on a ever cogitating mind…

  5. Thanks you all..

  6. Nice poem. Your explanation helped.

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