Bad Girl…

Bad Girl…

She made her way from nothing… Can’t fault her for wanting something…

The Dream’s voice wafted through the air waves as Aisha danced slowly, surely and seductively. This was her song. She slipped off her bra as she turned to look into his eyes. Those eyes that drove him crazy. She smiled mischievously as she looked at Ayo. I’ve just started; he doesn’t know what has hit him…

He was wild. He grabbed her with all the urgency in him. He couldn’t take it anymore.

Neither could Alhaji yesterday. Nor Segun the day before… Aisha had this down to a science. The fools…

By morning, Aisha was N50,000 richer. The insult! She cursed Ayo in her mind while smiling sweetly as she kissed him goodbye. Alhaji was taking her to Paris and this idiot was giving her a few coins here and there… She knew this kiss would be their last. What a shame, she mused as she looked into his eyes for the final time. This one was cute.

Back home in the apartment Segun had rented for her, Aisha got a text. Oh God… That Nedu boy again! The poor guy was smitten. He had been assaulting her phone for weeks. I didn’t even put it on him LIKE THAT and he’s confused… What if he got the full dose, fa? She laughed and hissed out loud as she ignored the alert on her Blackberry that another message had come through… That reminded her, Alhaji needed to replace this phone… Too many people had it. Stupid pure water.


They were having a blast. Aisha and her “closest friends”- all hundred of them- were living it up at the birthday party the Senator was throwing for her. This was a suitable replacement for Alhaji, she thought contentedly to herself… The moron’s wives were giving her hell. After Paris, she had cut him loose. He was still begging. It cracked Aisha up.

“I don’t know what his problem is o.”, she complained absent-mindedly to Nnenna, her best friend, as they moved away from the crowd. Now, they were on the balcony enjoying a scenic view of the city at night. Bright lights littered with spots of darkness… A bit like all of us, Aisha thought to herself before gathering her thoughts to chase the introspection away. Too much of that was never good. “I gave him enough sex to last him ten lifetimes; not one of his wives can even try it sef! The man is just greedy!” She burst out laughing to liven up the mood and realised she was alone.

“Haba, Nnenna, what’s eating you? Or… who isn’t?” She laughed again, after stroking Nnenna’s arm in a show of mock concern. As she had another sip of champagne, she carried on. “I told you to gree for that banker boy… Noone wants to listen to Aisha… She is a bad girl… Maybe if you did, you wouldn’t be so uptight now.”

“Aisha, you need to stop this.”

Aisha paused. She turned to glare at Nnenna. Intense rage began to boil her blood.

“Nnenna PLEASE.”


“Don’t even start.” She hissed through her teeth, seething. “It’s my birthday. We are at the nicest bar in this Lagos. All these bitches are jealous of me. And you want me stop? Stop what? Enjoying my life?”

Now, it was Nnenna’s turn to laugh. “Who do you think you are talking to? I know you… You don’t care about the champagne, the labels, the lifestyle… It’s the sex. Aisha… I love you… I love you like my own sister so I have to tell you the truth. You can fuck all the men in this town…” Nnenna pointed out of the balcony to prove her point. “All of them, Aisha!” She sighed and her voice softened and looked into her friends eyes as her heart broke for the vacuum she had become. “It still won’t take that loneliness away…”

“SHUT UP! Which stupid loneliness? I don’t have time for this… When you are bored, you will leave the same way you came.” She turned away from her friend as she leaned on the balcony, forcing herself to disregard all Nnenna had said.

Nnenna shook her head and smiled sadly. “You still love him. It’s killing you already; you might as well admit it.” With that, she walked out. Aisha wished the darkness below would swallow her whole.

23 thoughts on “Bad Girl…” by Funmi-F (@Funmi-F)

  1. A poignant story. I like the way my emotions underwent a 180 degrees turn from condemning Aisha to suddenly understanding her. It was an unexpected twist.
    Good one.

  2. Hmmmmn! Chic Literature indeed(LOL).Really liked the way the writer captured Aisha’s character, it was easy for me to find her actions repulsive. I also commend the speed with at which the story was told, fast, very fast. not to quick for you to miss the action, but fast enough to keep propelling you to the end. As for the twist at the end, not really point blank, as we already knew Aisha was some sort of call girl, but still a surprise since I expected nymphomania to creep in somewhere, but lost love…that was the masterpiece. KUDUS!

  3. I am left wondering who is “him”. Very straight to the point and well told. But I am left wondering what Aisha will go on to do. I think she’s still a bad girl though. But a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do right?

  4. Good read. I don’t really see the ending as a twist, though – it’s not too difficult to imagine that when someone is enjoying themselves too much, they’re sometimes overcompensating for something else. Like Myne, I wonder too who ‘he’ is.

    And I must ask – will there be a part two? (Yes, I love sequels and I’m not ashamed to admit it. :) )

  5. Tola, you are right… I never intended it as a twist but I can understand that people take different things from anything they read. I keep getting that I should continue the stories I write but I don’t know how to… Like people get the vibe that they are part of a bigger story and my writer’s block is stopping me from seeing it… I’ll see what I can do sha. Thanks for the comments. :)

  6. F
    let her get to face up to what she feels for that guy
    but you could stretch the drama a little more.

  7. So she is doing all that for the love of one guy?…interesting.

  8. Ugo Chime (@Flourishing-Florida)

    hmmm. i don’t like dis ending. not believable for me. oh well, she did tag this as a chick-lit. still, making a slut of urself just cos a love went wrong is too nollywood for me! d beginning was nice, d ending blah

    1. I can see the Mercy Johnson vibes… Thanks for the criticism… I’ll tone down the Nollywood dramatic P in my next one (I can’t help it o, it just comes out that way, lol).

  9. Me I liked the whole thing oh, especially the ending. I think the fact that I could feel for and sympathize with Aisha knowing she was a slut is due to how well you write Funmi…..but then this story shouldn’t end here…there is a continuation, no?

    1. OK… I am beginnign to think the universe is trying to tell me something… Everytime I write something, people say it sounds unfinished… Like there should be a continuation… I’ll try to work on it sha. I’m continuing one of the other stories I wrote and I’ll see how that goes… :s

      Thanks for the compliment sha. I am blushing… :)

  10. @Floursidhing florid…its not really melodramatic to iamgine a girl turning herself loose on men because of one man..what breaks one makes another stronger so for me its isn’t really a far fetched idea oh!
    @F…you write very well…i was almost on the verge of despising her when i read the end…made me more empathetic…and yeah,the universe is trying to tell you something…write more!

  11. This looks like an extended synopsis for a nollywood movie. My problem witn it is that the story came from somewhere and went nowhere. Or is it in parts?

  12. Very lovely story…it could be in snippets Afro…i love the detailed telling…

  13. Awwwww…how sad…I wonder who broke her heart? The guy do her strong thing o! I am sure he has moved on, but Aisha on the other hand is stuck in a stinking rut… Great, great job Funmi-F.

  14. Yup, definitely needs or deserves a continuation. Its a lovely piece. She might sound pathetic because she’s all baggage because of some dude, but that’s some girls’ reality.

    Nice work girl.

  15. Thanks guys… I just read over this again and I see the melodrama.. It feels a bit weak. I appreciate all the comments, though. I guess all writers learn on the job.

    1. So can we expect a continuation?

      Or maybe I should introduce you to…

  16. adams (@coshincozor)

    so captivating and full of suspense! i am still feeling suspended in the air at the end. well i feel nothing for aisha here a slut is a slut no matter she thinks lures her into the act. good one! OLIVER WANTS SOME MORE!

  17. Andre (@andresuave)

    Good Story.. Beautiful.
    But i think the message could have still been passed with less vulgarity… It takes away artistic feel the writing should have. My opinion though…

  18. Na wow.. I understand she’s hurt… But isn’t it foolish of her to drink more poison hurting herself?

  19. good read though I must admit that even for a chicklit, Aisha’s a bit too dramatic. One man who didnt give her AIDS made her turn her virtues lose on the world’s gents? well, maybe, am too old school 4 Aisha.
    you write good and this showed through the work.

  20. Beautiful piece, wished Aisha had more sense though….well done.

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