The wind rustled the curtain. The swishing sound scared Amara, she glanced at the window. “If only Iheanyi will come back from work soon”, she mused aloud. “Pop”, the sound of the television set going off announced the fact that NEPA had done what they knew best. The wind moved the curtains again, this time, the curtain got as far as her feet which were propped on the armchair. “Aaah!” she screamed out loud. Iheanyi who just drove into the compound heard the loud scream and rushed upstairs without even turning off the ignition of his car.
He hurriedly banged on the door and Amara screamed again. Out of utter fear, iheanyi screamed her name. Amara recognized her husband’s voice immediately and rushed to the door. She flung it open and rushed into his arms.

“biko what is it?“ he asked her. Worry etched in the mass of wrinkles his forehead had been reduced to. She dissolved into guffaws of laughter and he began to think his wife had gone mad.

“Are you alright?”

“husband I’m fine o, you won’t believe what got me scared”. She narrated the curtain and movement of the wind to him purposely excluding the fact that she just finished watching a horror film before she noticed that the curtain had arms and legs.

“bia amara, did you watch any scary film this evening and why is the generator not on?”

“NEPA just took the light now. I was about to call the gateman to turn on the generator”.

“you this woman, you think I was born yesterday ehn? Is it only one question I asked you. Ngwanu, answer my other question nah, did you watch any scary movie this evening?”

Amara started laughing again. She had on a guilty look. One you would find on the face of a three year old who took what he was not meant to.

“old woman, don’t you know you’ll soon be a mother? If you don’t have the heart to stomach scary movies, why do you still watch them? This has got to stop o”.

“I’m always bored at home. I need a job. If I have a job, I wouldn’t be tempted to watch scary movies”, Amara replied with the hint of a smile on her beautiful lips.

“so that is your plan ehn? This is how you want to get me to agree to your job seeking proposition right? Hmmmmm! We’ll discuss that after my meal”.

Before Amara could reply, they both heard the sounds of footsteps on the stairs. Amara froze in Iheanyi’s arms and he laughed.

“who is that?”, he called out.

“Oga na me. I come ask whether make I on the generator”

“you can turn it on now Polycarp”.

Amara dissolved into laughter again. Iheanyi knew that this time around, the laughter was caused by the mention of the gateman’s name. He intentionally said it because Amara had told him the night before that she found the man’s name funny.

“Ehen Polycarp, you still dey there?”

“yes oga”

“oya make you commot my car key from the motor. Make you also bring my briefcase come. You hear me so?”

“yes oga”.

Amara pulled Iheanyi into the house. They had been standing by the door post all this while.

“What do you want for dinner?”

“Are you meant to be asking me that or is it now that I’m around you want to go into the kitchen to prepare food? Woman don’t try my patience”

Amara pinched him playfully on his stomach saying that he was eating too much and thus his stomach was like that of a three month old pregnant woman. Iheanyi coughed loudly and she got the message he was indirectly passing across.

“So you’re calling me fat?” she asked.

“you know I can never do that to you but…”

The light came on signaling that Polycarp had turned on the generator.

Amara picked up one of the throw pillows on the sofa and playfully swatted at Iheanyi’s arm. In the light, Iheanyi looked at his wife and smiled to himself praising God for giving him a woman as beautiful as Amara. He drew her into his arms and nibbled at her ears. She tried sliding from his arms.

“Baby, you know that tickles me, stop!” she protested but was obviously enjoying it.

Iheanyi pulled her back up. He placed her between his legs which was wide apart. She settled herself comfortable with a sigh.

“Marriage is good o”. He laughed at his wife’s remark. They had been married for one week and were still in the euphoria of it.

He placed his palms on her bare laps. Other men loved their women to wear bum shorts, Iheanyi preferred his woman to wear bum skirt as he fondly called it.

“Close your eyes”, he instructed.

Amara sighed once more and closed her eyes. Marriage sure was a good thing but marriage to Iheanyi was the bomb. She felt his palms caressing her soft thighs. They moved upwards, she felt her blood pumping faster, her heart rate increased. She knelt on the soft carpet, iheanyi moved with her. Both kneeling, they explored the depths of each other’s mouths. Kissing Iheanyi was a beautiful thing. She felt his hands on the small of her back. Before long, her t-shirt came off.

There was a knock on the door. Both of them groaned in anger.

“oga, I don bring your car key and bag”.

Iheanyi tried standing. Amara stopped him. She couldn’t wait for him to waste precious moments walking to the door.

“Drop them by the door and go. Thank you polycarp”. She shouted.

He knelt back down and they continued exploring one another’s body. After one week, he still could not get enough of his wife’s beautiful body. They both climaxed. He rolled off her, a satisfied grin on his face.

“Amara you too like bad thing”, he jokingly said to his wife.

“No be you teach me?” she playfully replied.

She had on the grin of a glad Cheshire cat that just finished consuming a bowl of milk.

“Mr Osondu!”, Iheanyi looked up and was transported back to the present. He picked up a mound of sand and threw it on the coffin. Amara, his beloved wife had died at childbirth with the child. Iheanyi knew he would never forget that day, the day Amara conceived the child which led to their death.

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  1. Oooh! Beautifully written. Its sad, yes, but i dont mind sad. Good writing

  2. Fredrick-chiagozie-Nwonwu (@Fredrick-chiagozie-Nwonwu)

    Good one, I like the exaggerated pidgin English, very comic. very good writing too.

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    4 d bad guy:
    1. ur punctuations need a lot of work!
    2. their sex scene needs work too! u dey fear to talk am as e happen? sometimes, it’s good to allude to it, but u ddnt allude well enough. it was a little clumsy.
    3. ur end needs to be tightened. ‘Mr. Osondu!’ should be on d same line as iheanyi’s tot, as it makes one wonder if iheanyi called himself (am assuming here dat iheanyi is Mr. Osondu). Then, d last sentence needs to be tightened up too.

    all in all, good work!

  4. @Lade and Frederick : tnx alot

    @flourishing florida : thanks alot but*cough cough*, u want make i do the sex scene too wella make people come dey commit sin with their eyes??? lol… i just didn’t wanna go too “intoto” with that part. also, isn’t Mr Osondu on the same line with his tot? when writing it, i felt that “he looked up” showed someone was calling him not that he was calling himself. thanks alot once again!

  5. I agree with Flourishing Florida… The idea behind this story was very good- the end surprises the reader and the story is engaging as a whole. The execution may need to be improved but this was a very good effort.

  6. Flourishing-Florida (@Flourishing-Florida)

    @beautiful: sorry, i meant to type dat ‘‘Mr. Osondu!’ shouldn’t be on d same line as iheanyi’s tot’

  7. @flourishing-florida : ok, now i get. thanks alot. mmuah!

  8. I’m going to donate points to you for this. It was wonderful, just as I was floating away on cloud nine of love, you brought me back to earth and below. Like you said, you were wicked sha.

    OK, like FF said, punctuation needs work. Full stops and commas go inside speech quotes at the end. etc.

    Since Iheanyi is the one narrating, we should not see Amara first. Start from where he jumps out of the car at her scream, then she can tell him what happened before.

    Very good writing indeed.

  9. It was a narrative i did not want to stop reading, wonderful work!

  10. @ Myne : thank you, thank you, you’re far too kind…lol! tnx for also pointing out the punctuation stuffs (i should have listened more in english class while in school…*smh*)

    @ Adeyinka : thanks!

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    On the whole, the twist was nice. It shakes the reader off the happy moments and plunges them into an unexpected sorrowful finale.

  13. thanks y’all.

  14. Beautiful story…i was loving it until that sad part.
    wish i could edit it and take that part
    lovely piece.

  15. @Anderson-paul : hehehehehe feels good to be wicked sometimes. hope i didn’t make u 2 sad sha? lol! will write a happy piece soon. tnx.

    1. lol,i hope that is only in your writings and not in practice though.

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