The city of Abuja
Is growing and expanding
An Architect’s experiment
Of grand buildings populating.

Planning and renovating
A designer’s delight
Inspiring and innovating
A giant construction site.

Wide smooth roads
Organized networking
Lifts usual congestion loads
Shaped by Africans inventing.

Surrounding rocks and hillsides
God’s moulded landscapes
Man’s created park-sides
Maintenance of open space.

Some guys say “too artificial
No character like Lagos”
Its existence is beneficial
Promotes cosmopolitan, not a loss.

The first all-African-made city
The newest around
It will never be a pity
And continues to break new ground.

As statistics will show
And the boom of new expansion
Fresh houses spring row by row
From small huts to mansion.

Not your typical African capital
Expatriates can relax
Culture shock is not congenital
Milder system, learn the facts.

Chinelo Iwenofu – February 2010

4 thoughts on “Abuja” by chinny (@chinny)

  1. So you saw the cock and its chicks in Abuja or you saw Abuja in ogidi’s compound? Good poem as well.

  2. i can relate.
    nice poem.

  3. @Jaywriter I went from Abuja to Ogidi & back again? Don’t get me confused now! lol
    @Anderson thanx. You must be in Abuja right?

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