Threatened Roads

Threatened Roads

This threatened road leads nowhere,
Except to the barren lands of loneliness and despair.
This unending road bordered by gutters of unreason,
This roads that reeks of fears,tears and hearts imprisoned.

I am left with my heart stale,
To journey this tortuous road and tell its gory tales.
I trudge up its hills of pains,
My being scorched by this heartbreak.

From here,to there,to nowhere,
I search away from this road a path to redemption,
I seek a hand to hold,one to call dear.
One to rescue me from this dire emotions.

7 thoughts on “Threatened Roads” by Anda Damisa Lazywrita (@Anderson-paul)

  1. nice. i’d like more rhythm tho. but this is good!

  2. Thank you Remi.glad you do.

  3. Hope you’ve finally found that person. Good poem.

    1. you know how it always goes now,i m still waiting for that person o.

      1. I think you need Jesus lol but i reckon you already found Him.

        1. I have found him dear.
          thank you so much.

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