She and that round Leather thing!

She and that round Leather thing!

Let me take you back, to about a decade ago, when there was no love lost between women and football.

He’s tried to do football banter with her for a couple of days now. The big league thing is coming. ‘Up man united’!
Duh! She won’t budge.

You see she’s not into football. She just doesn’t care. ‘What’s the fuss about?’ Big shot footballer earns thousands of Dollars. ‘How does that affect me?’

Well, the game is here and the living room is packed full. He won’t watch it alone. They scream and holler, follow the ball around with their heads and feet. They sit at the edge of their seats ready to bolt out of them the moment the rubber hits the net. They’re sweating and puffing, short of foaming at the mouth.

Humph! Whatever!

But that was then.

This is the 21st century, the world has changed.
And what a great change it is to have football tension and excitement energized by Pink Blood. We now know the plays and the club names. We know the coaches and technical advisers. The players and their pay package is no more masculine jargon, plus we can holler with the best of them. Amazing!

I have this problem though. Please don’t tell anyone but I’m old school. As pink as my blood is, I just can’t seem to catch on.

Look, I just discovered a few days ago that Barca was and has always been Barcelona.
Believe it or not, I don’t know what an offside is. How long exactly is half time?
Penalty? I guess that’s when a couple of players line up with their backs to the goal post, someone kicks the ball and they all scramble for it like children. Hee haw!

My friends Grandma once said “Why are they all fighting and running after one toy? Give them a toy each and let them play!”

Beni maami!!

But seriously, I guess I could try, really.
No matter how much of a fan I become though, I’ll never visit a ‘viewing centre’ with a bunch of huffing and puffing men (or women), I’ll never pay to go watch a live game, even if I get a return ticket to London (this one is still under review, lol).

I’ll only agree to watch a game from start to finish if we’re just two in a room and the other person does not breathe a word of exclamation at any point, of course with a lot of Coke thrown in for good measure.

Under these simple and sensible enough conditions, I join the club!

Football rocks?!

22 thoughts on “She and that round Leather thing!” by RemiRoy (@RemiRoy)

  1. lol. my kinda person.

  2. This babe sef, u funny o. Please tell me u were kidding about that penalty bit.

  3. @kay9. he he lol. beta believe it. i find out ‘bt the penalty thing not too long ago. guess my blood is even ‘pinker’ than i thought! lol

  4. How can anyone be so ignorant about the most popular sport in the world? Spectacular.

  5. Remiroy (@)

    Ha! U’ll be amazed. Not every1 sees it thru rose-coloured glasses. Twas supposeda make u laff tho. Hope i didnt fail totally in that attempt?

  6. It was very funny, made me seem a little stupid for watching it, its true, they don’t pay us a dime and yet we argue our lives out on them.

  7. Remiroy (@)

    Awww, dnt be sad now. @ least u get a thrill out of it. Lol!
    Tnx a bunch tho, realy.

  8. babe we’re in the same shoes o so its good to know m not weird afterall…lol. plus m an arsenal fan (my bf is) and i don’t know the name of any player there. i happen to know the coach cos my bf insults people when they annoy him that they think like wenger!…so yeah football rocks!

  9. LOL @ beautiful’s comments.
    Remi; thx for the laffs jare. Was beginning to wonder when all the ladies became football buffs. I honestly do not understand the game or its theatrics & am just glad i’ve got urself & beautiful in my corner.

  10. you go girls, i’m rooting like crazy. yeah we have ’em, we love ’em, they love the game, so we endure! lol

    tnx dears.

  11. so funie… that grand ma make me laugh… wooo!! why are they all chasing one toy.. give em toy each and let em play..


  12. lol,you just made my day.
    funniest piece i have read in ages.
    well done.

  13. @paul, thanks. I’m glad it made you laugh.
    @Glord, tnx

  14. Very funny Remiroy…But I am not with you on this one…my blood may be pink but I have loved football since secondary school (played for my house once)…When I say football rocks, I mean football rocks!!!!..

    That thing you described is not called a penalty, but a freekick too close to the opponents goal post…lol

    1. Really? can you imagine, I’m soooo not into football, I don’t know the plays!

  15. Lool!! this made me laugh hard especially the line by ur friend’s Grandma…hehehe she talk true nah…funny thing i loved playing the game as a kid, but i hate watching it, is that weird?

    1. My thoughts exactly. she talk true o.

      Hmmm, I guess you’ve grown up and joined the club :)
      Pink blood you’ve got, huh?

  16. “Why are they all fighting and running after one toy? Give them a toy each and let them play” the funniest thing I’ve read today! ROY!

  17. Lol Tee! Have fun laughing! :) :) :)

  18. You girls! cant you learn to love this game. Nice, laughing my head off. Grand ma make me laff more. :D

  19. Yeah you can say that again. Football rocks indeed!

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