Motivating Life

Motivating Life


My heart cries out for time
But the world calls me lazy
I tray that I know from prime
Yet they say I’m truly crazy

I know what I want but none
Yet I’m said to be blind
Why do men hate uncommon men?
I was created to be in line

I know I am not crazy
For like men I work too
I know I am not lazy
Better than you I’m tooled

The world stands afraid of me
Prayers they lay their panting
I understand but I’m free
Who can but please men?
Salau O John©



I have walked in the un-believed
I have hoped in that never allowed
I pave the road that to achieve
But the world took my grants for granted

Certainly there’s a blessing in believing
Truly there’s a time for what’s practiced
The world will search if unrelenting
Though life will cajoled that believed

The world will search your way later
But in the closet tray your knowledge
No one may understand that for banner
You are unique the world will bow

I had thought this impossible alive
I had cried in closet praying for days
But today answers came leasing light
It’s wonderful when success finds me!
Salau O John©

3 thoughts on “Motivating Life” by treasured1 (@treasured1)

  1. nice poetry.that second one is quite inspirational but the first one stands out for me cos of its depth.

  2. Nice poems. Seems like the 2nd was written in halting English. If not, then those were suspect lines. Good job.

  3. Thanks,

    You are right, halting English I did study a little about the history of the British English in time past and I believe it has been of good usage….I like trying new themes and words….

    Glad you like it

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