Forever Eight

Forever Eight

Oh !
How I’ll love again to be eight,
When my soul was free,
Pure as snowflakes.
I knew no hate,
I didn’t have to struggle,
I never had a part to play in life’s puzzles.
How i miss waking up late,
Running away from my mum in the winter rain.
Covering every inch of my street,
With my budding strength and my nimble feet.

And going ahead to rule my neighborhood and conquer its fields.
Though i fall ill and weak,
Everyone loved me,
I remember those endless sweets,
Those cakes i never had to work to eat,
Oh !
How i cried away my troubles,
And went ahead to cause the neighbors trouble.
How much i was loved,
Though all the pains that i caused.
I never knew despair or deceit,
I never cried when i skinned my knees.
I never had to worry about heartbreak,lies and deceit.
I remember my only fear,
That age will come soon,
Take me away to join my peers.
How i long for those enchanting years,
To be young again,forever eight.

8 thoughts on “Forever Eight” by Anda Damisa Lazywrita (@Anderson-paul)

  1. Sorry you can’t be eight again. On the bright side, you wrote a very good poem. One thing me miss about being eight is loving girls. Love then was simple and innocent. No thoughts of sex, money, cheating, lies, marriage and all that. Just two children sharing sweet, biscuit, wafer, ribena, chewing gum, chin chin and cake.

  2. @Jay..ha ha..tat was real cool,how could i have forgotten that.not the kind of tainted love we enjoy as adults now.
    justy wish i can be eight forever crime?

  3. Being eight (or a kid generally) had its fun times and it is time to quit the longing, Anderson. At least, you “enjoy” the “tainted love” adults have now. lol Men, tainted is an understatement.

  4. are very right o,tainted is a grand
    i have quit longing to be eight again o.
    thank you.

  5. Trying to remember what being 8 was like…hmmm…maybe it was fun, maybe I didn’t have heart breaks, but I sure had litle children a new dress for christmas, new shoes, and a new bag like the girl that sits in front of me in Well done Anderson!

    1. you must have almost had a heart attack when you were a kid
      thinking of all that.
      thanks anyway.

  6. I don’t wish I was eight at all

  7. life’s cycles are not repeatable
    once a child, once a teen
    once a you
    and once an adult

    just make the best
    jollying in feasts
    in every phase
    like no chase………….

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